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Regardless of if you’re selling your current home or looking to buy a new one, Peace Of Mind, Home Inspectors Burnsville MN, hopes to be the inspection service that gives you peace of mind during the transaction and process. Our staff of certified home inspectors help Minnesota home owners and buyers with every deal they go through. We also pay our success forward, as we donate a full meal to local services for every inspection we complete. We also volunteer up to 2 hours of staff time to disabled vets after a finished inspection too. Give us a call today to see how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors, and learn why our list of satisfied clients is so long.

See Why Our Home Inspection Customers Tell Everyone They Know About Us!Home Inspection on Burnsville MN House

We put in more time on each site than many other inspectors, because that’s one way to find more defects in a property. It also gives us a chance to test appliances through full operational cycles so we can see if they are functioning effectively. More minutes and hours is more time we can use to really get to know a house.

All of our home inspections come with free infrared camera scanning. These are advanced technology in the world of home inspections, and they can prove a difference maker if you want us to find hidden moisture somewhere or basement leaks that might cost you thousands to repair.

We do moisture meter testing on basement walls. Using our electronic moisture monitoring equipment, we get sample readings from all basement walls. That lets us paint you a general idea of what specific areas might be at risk of dampness, so that you can figure out what kind of gutter upgrades and grading enhancements might reduce your risks of future floods, even if the basement is currently dry.

Count on us for air quality testing. If you are going to live in the home you are buying, then you’re going to have more contact with the air in it than anything else there. It’s critical for your health and safety, as well as that of your family (or possible renters or buyers) that you are aware of potentially hazardous levels of things like carbon monoxide or radon gas present within the structure.

Expect high-caliber reporting. The report you get from us is likely to have several hundred color photos, and is probably going to be anywhere from 30 to 58 pages in length. You’ll also find a summary section that your realtor can use to spot specifics that might be defective or just marginal. That’s all valuable information to use in both fixing up a home, but also negotiating seller fixes.

The services our professionals offer include the following:

Radon testing
-Electronic moisture meter testing
-Exterior and interior servicing
-Inspectors who are certified and experienced
-Infrared camera inspection
-Preliminary carbon monoxide readings

Infra Red Process Used on Burnsville MN HomeWe pride ourselves in delivering our clients the most robust home inspection services we possibly can, by going through a three-stage process.

The initial stage is handled by any of our inspectors certified in InterNachi. This stage often takes up to 4 hours, depending on a home’s condition and size. They rarely take less than 3 hours.

The middle stage is when the buyer does a walk-through with us. We prefer to schedule this time to focus on talking with the buyer as they walk through the home with us, as we converse about what we found already. As always, we love answering each and every question you throw at us.

The final stage is the collection of inspection photos and corresponding written report. Digital photos are taken throughout our inspection, and we include them in the report along side illustrations and diagrams you’ll find useful. All this material is emailed to you.


The kinds of inspections we offer include:

-Low- and high-rise condos
-Twin- and town-home inspections
-Single-family homes
-Multi-family homes

InterNachi Home Inspection Organization

We offer other services as well:

-Radon testing: Continuous testing of radon for 48 hours is possible. Learn more about radon in Minnesota from the state Department of Health.
-Insurance moisture damage requirements: If you have a wet basement or other leak, we can ascertain at what point materials are sufficiently dry to begin repairs. Most insurance carriers require this.
-Inspection of the condition of a rental property: You’ve seen something that looked small blow up into a huge repair. We can inspect a rental property for these small matters and make sure the owner fixes them before they wind up costing thousands of dollars and vacant tenants.

Standards of practice:

Our staff of home inspectors are certified members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, also known as InterNachi. They all conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the association, as well as the Standards of Practice, which establish the requirements of a complete home inspection. If you need a robust home inspection in Minnesota, contact Peace Of Mind, Home Inspectors Burnsville MN, now to schedule one.